The Last Shout - Part 2
Series Specials (1996), Episode 02
Air Date 7 November 1996
Previous The Last Shout - Part 1
Next Parralox

The Last Shout - Part 2 is the second part of the 1996 specials which was first broadcast on 7 November 1996.

Summary Edit

Patsy and Edina return from Val-d'Isère to find Mrs Monsoon's mad American friends have moved into her house. Edina lies in bed for three days claiming to have stigmatas, that she paints on herself with lipstick. Saffron, busy preparing the wedding, argues over Edina's claims of being Jesus Christ.

When Edina realises that Paolo's parents are rich, she finally shows enthusiasm for the upcoming celebration. Saffy remains smitten with Paolo who doesn't appear to be impressed with her. Paolo's parents come to visit and the mother decides that Saffron is not good enough, but Patsy makes her change her mind, blackmailing her with their past as "actresses" in a pornographic "Bond" movie (actually Bond Meets Black Emanuelle).

Edina chooses St Columba's in Knightsbridge for the ceremony and takes Saffy to Christian Lacroix who designs the wedding dress. The wedding ceremony commences. Eddy pushes Saffy's bridesmaid Sarah away and replaces her with "the Gucci girl." When the minister asks if there are any objections, Edina sees God again, who stands by the minister and shakes her head to the marriage. Eddy disrupts the ceremony and Paolo calmly leaves with the Gucci girl. Later Patsy and Eddy tell Saffy that they are going on her honeymoon trip.

Cast Edit

Also appearing: Gary Beadle (Oliver), Christopher Biggins (Himself), Dora Bryan (Millie), Connor Burrowes (Choirboy), Nicky Clarke (Himself), Marcella Detroit (Angel), Ed Devereaux (Mac), Carmen du Sautoy (Kalishia Klegg Ferruzzi), Marianne Faithfull (God), Georgina Grenville (Gucci Girl), Candida Gubbins (Shop Assistant), Tom Hollander (Paolo Ferruzzi), Christian Lacroix (Himself), Calum Macleod ("Vicar"/Minister), Suzy Menkes (Herself), Bruce Oldfield (Himself), Alan Talbot (Carlo Ferruzzi)

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