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The Last Shout - Part 1
Series Specials (1996), Episode 01
Air Date 6 November 1996
Previous The End
Next The Last Shout - Part 2

The Last Shout - Part 1 is the first part of the 1996 specials which was first broadcast on 6 November 1996.


Edina's morning ritual is swimming with a dolphin that she has in a tank in her room. They are off to Val-d'Isère that afternoon, so Patsy and Edina spend the morning at the gym and the office, while listening to an interview of Edina recorded for Radio 4, Desert Island Discs.

Meanwhile, Paolo, Saffy's Italian boyfriend, proposes marriage. Patsy and Edina arrive at the Alps, but it is not what they expected as there are no celebrities and no night clubs for them to enjoy. After dinner at a local restaurant, Patsy and Edina are back in the apart-hotel where they both argue because of how they have always been together in the present life and the previous ones.

In a rage they start destroying the apartment, which they soon after start to enjoy. The next morning, Edina and Patsy go skiing, but Edina gets lost and almost falls off a cliff. She "dreams" of going to heaven, but God tells her it is not her time yet. Meanwhile, in London, Mrs Monsoon returns home after spending the day at the airport where she had gone to meet arriving friends.

However, she explains that she got into a plane that didn't take off, she got registered, and her suitcase was blown up. She had met a woman dressed as an Arab who brings her home: it happens to be Bo.

Also appearing: Marcella Detroit (Angel), Marianne Faithfull (God), Tom Hollander (Paolo Ferruzzi)