The End
Series 03, Episode 06
Air Date 11 May 1995
Previous Fear
Next The Last Shout - Part 1

The End is the sixth and last episode of the third series which was first broadcast on 11 May 1995.

Summary Edit

Edina embarks on finding herself, only to realise that it's well below her expectations. Patsy finds herself lost, lonely and out of depth in New York. Saffron settles into university life and Gran spends her days at the Monsoon house, drinking champagne and watching home-shopping television.

Edina and Patsy realise that their lives are nothing without each other, and reunite on top of Carnegie Hall Tower. They return home to find that Gran has been arrested for squatting and Saffron loses her temper because of their unpleasant behaviour. The episode ends with a flash-forward to Edina and Patsy, 25 years older but not much wiser.

Also appearing: Kevin Allen (Ben), Suzanne Bertish (Gina), Max Brant (Mitchel Friedman), Sean Chapman (Santé), Daniela Denby-Ashe (Saffy's Daughter), Drew Eliot (Justice Of The Peace), Josie Lawrence (Cable TV Presenter), Danny Newman (Saffy's Son), Rupert Penry-Jones (Boy At Party), Mossie Smith (Diane), Ruby Wax (Candy)

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