Small Opening
Series 04, Episode 05
Air Date 28 September 2001
Previous Donkey
Next Menopause

Small Opening is the fifth episode of the fourth series which was first broadcast on 28 September 2001.

Summary Edit

At home, Edina and Patsy are setting up drugs. Suddenly, They hear a buzzing sound, which Patsy mistakes for a bee. It turns out to be Edina's mobile phone, and when she answers, she thinks that it's Serge calling out for help. She calls the police, and Saffron comes home to find Edina in a state of shock.

It is then revealed that the phone accidentally picked up rehearsals for Saffron's play, "Self Raising Flower", which details her life and portrays Edina and Patsy in a negative way. On the day of the premiere, Justin, Bo, Gran, and Marshall drop by to wish good luck to Saffron, at the expense of Edina.

Saffron extends an olive branch of sorts by leaving a ticket for her mother; Edina is wary about attending, but eventually her and Patsy do go. The play goes well, however the cast and audience believe it to be a comedy instead of the pitiful domestic tragedy Saffy intended. Amazingly, both Edina and Patsy end up loving it (with Patsy in particular enjoying her portrayal regardless of the fact she is played by a man).

At the end, the cast welcome the real Edina on stage with them, leaving Saffron in the audience embarrassed. The next day, the girl who plays Saffron is so smitten with the real one that she offers her flowers, making Saffy distinctly nervous.

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