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Series 03, Episode 03
Air Date 20 April 1995
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Sex is the 3rd episode of the third series which was first broadcast on 20 April 1995.


A discussion on enlarging Edina's bedroom leads to a rare visit inside Serge's bedroom. While looking around, Saffron discovers a porn magazine and tries to throw it away, but Edina and Patsy prevent her. Patsy then begins reminiscing about sex in their youth, but Eddy can't remember it, even though Patsy assures her she was there.

It turns out Edina isn't sexually active and plans are made to hire male prostitutes via Edina's hairdresser Christopher for an old-fashioned orgy, which is scheduled for the same night as Saffron's "Genetics and Ethics" presentation at her university.

The orgy doesn't start off well; Edina can't seem to get in the mood, and the prostitutes are none too enthusiastic either. When Patsy tries to liven things up by popping in a porn film she has brought, it turns out to be Saffron's genetics video. Fearing the worst, Edina and Patsy, accompanied by Gran, Christopher, and his drag-queen boyfriend, rush off to the university, but it is too late: to Saffron's mortification the porn video – is a home movie of one of the orgies Patsy remembers but Edina has forgotten. As everyone watches, the camera shows couples love making and a young Edina asleep in a corner.

Also appearing: James Dreyfus (Christopher), Idris Elba (Hilton), Ian Gelder (David), Andrew Loudon (Geoff), Ben Soames (Boy), Caroline Waldron (Caroline), Lee Walters (Boy)