Name Sarah
Gender Female
Actor Naoko Mori

Sarah is Saffron's longtime friend and frequent victim of torment from Edina and Patsy. Sarah's surname is never established in the series.

In early episodes, Sarah is bubbly and slightly wild (at least in spirit), often pushing Saffron to go outside her comfort zone socially.

In later seasons, the abuse from Edina and Patsy has taken a physical and mental toll on Sarah. She is scarred on one side of her neck, as a result of Edina setting Sarah's hair on fire (which is not shown on screen). She is also quite unstable and has been in and out of therapy and mental institutions.

In the 2002 specials, Sarah is seen to have strange reactions to Saffy's birth, by being both disgusted and (seemingly) aroused, especially when Edina is stuck in the Panic Room in Panickin', where she becomes very excited about being in a 'fantasy' with Saffron. It is mentioned that she may be bisexual, when Edina calls her 'Titikaka Two-Ways'.

Sarah is played by Naoko Mori.


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