Saffron Monsoon
Name Saffron Monsoon
Gender Female
Actor Julia Sawalha
Time on show 1992-2012
Seasons 6
Nickname Saffy
Occupation Student, then Charity Worker
Family Edina Monsoon (Mother)
Justin (Father)
Lola (Daughter)
Serge Turtle (Half-Brother)

Saffron Monsoon (known also as Saffy) is one of the main characters in the BBC programme Absolutely Fabulous, played by Julia Sawalha. She is the daughter of Edina Monsoon and Justin's and was born on 17 March 1975 in London.

Series Edit

In flashback sequences in the show, it appears that Edina intended to have Saffron adopted immediately after her birth and according to Patsy, they tried to abandon her on many occasions. Although most people call her "Saffy", Eddy usually refers to her as "sweetie", "darling", "sweetie-darling" and twice "little budgerigar" – meaning, according to Saunders, the voice of conscience in the household.

Patsy, on the other hand, calls her "you little bitch troll from hell" etc. As the ever-virtuous intellectual, Saffy is the perfect foil for Eddy and Patsy, enduring abuse from both, especially regarding sex. Many times Eddy and Patsy refer to her as being virgin, and even she herself makes comments regarding it but in the chapter "Morocco" it is suggested that she may no longer be one: in the episode Humphrey, a "dirty old man" hedonistic acquaintance of Ed and Pats, after rudely introducing himself to Saffron by fondling her, invites the young lady to allow him to spread a mixture of honey, yogurt and almonds over her body and allow "...a man old enough to be your father to lick it off."

Of course she lets the suggestion pass. There is cause to wonder though because, when the episode ends with Eddy and Patsy waking up from a 3-day substance abuse binge needing to return home, mum notices a smell like yogurt and honey on her daughter and as they leave the good-looking young Moroccan room attendant gives Saffron a knowing wink.

You are left wondering how far the young lady may have actually gone, but it is evident she has had some sort of intimate contact. Little matter however as even after the trip to Morocco Saffy is still defending herself by constantly criticising her mother and Patsy, remorselessly assuming the moral high ground and the voice of reason. However, her mother's neglectful ways, innumerable slights, and occasional outright cruelties have taken their toll, making her excessively serious and rather bitter.

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