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Series 02, Episode 05
Air Date 3 March 1994
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Poor is the fifth episode of the second series which was first broadcast on 3 March 1994.


Edina finds out that both Marshall and Justin have cut off their alimony payments, thereby leaving her "poor". Dreading being forced to do community service in "urine-stinking old people's homes for the incontinent," she reluctantly agrees to economise.

However, a trip with Patsy to the supermarket is more than they bargained for; on the way there, they assault a driver who beeps her horn at them, and when they get to the supermarket, they fill three trolleys with groceries and steal a case of champagne. Edina's "smaller" Alfa Romeo car gets clamped outside of Harvey Nichols, and they are later arrested for drunk driving and many other charges.

On the day of the trial, Edina tries to justify her actions, but it makes no difference; in addition to a huge fine, she and Patsy are sentenced to community service. Their task is to install loft insulation into an old people's home.

Also appearing: Miranda Forbes (Woman In Car), Helena McCarthy (Old Woman), Hugh Ross (Judge), Mark Wing-Davey (Malcolm)