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Patsy Stone
Name Patsy Stone
Gender Female
Actor Joanna Lumley
Time on show 1992 - 2012
Spouses Edina Monsoon (unofficially)
Nickname Pats
Occupation * Fashion model (former),
  • Adult film actress (former),
  • Magazine fashion director for "Ella",
  • Sales advocate for "Jeremy's"
Family * Mother (deceased)
  • Jackie (sister) (deceased)

Eurydice Colette Clytemnestra Dido Bathsheba Rabelais Patricia Cocteau "Patsy" Stone is a main character on Absoluely Fabulous.   She is Edina's long-time best friend and an extremely avid alcoholic and drug addict.

She was born 30th October, 19(??) in a brothel in Paris.

Patsy is portrayed by actress and former model, Joanna Lumley.


She and Eddy were childhood friends, and since her mother despised and neglected her—regarding her more as a rival than a daughter—she came to rely on the Monsoons for most of her food (though she has only been seen eating twice since 1973), shelter and comfort.

The first few years of her life were spent locked in a room, and the rest of her childhood was dismal by Patsy's own description, without friends, parties or presents. She claims to have blocked out everything before 1968, though occasionally memories come back to her in the form of flashbacks. She is an outrageous, nymphomaniacal, past-her-prime fashion model and "ex-Bond girl" (although Patsy's only actual "Bond" films were Bond Meets Black Emmanuelle, Boldfinger, and The Man with Thunder Balls, Joanna Lumley was a genuine Bond Girl in On Her Majesty's Secret Service) who drinks like a fish and smokes like a chimney.

She shares a codependent parasitic existence with her old schoolfriend Eddy. This relationship usually results in hilarious, albeit dysfunctional, behaviour and over-the-top conflicts. Patsy was born on 30 October, although her actual age is never clearly divulged, she often states herself to be between 39 and 43. In one episode ("Cold Turkey") a nurse guesses that she is around 65 years old. Patsy also has a sister named Jackie, whom Eddy abhors and who twice tried to kill Patsy with drug overdoses. Jackie intimidates Patsy into stating that Patsy is the elder of the two and says, in the same episode, that she is 72, to which Patsy replies "My God, then how old does that make me?".