Series 04, Episode 01
Air Date 31 August 2001
Previous The Last Shout - Part 2
Next Fish Farm

Parralox is the first episode of the fourth series which was first broadcast on 31 August 2001.

Summary Edit

Edina's due to appear on This Morning with Richard & Judy while Patsy has had Parralox,[3] a dangerous chemical used in Iraq, injected into her face to make herself look more beautiful and get rid of wrinkles. Edina decides to have Parralox as well but it all turns out horribly wrong.

Also appearing: Bob Barrett (Labour Party Man), Tilly Blackwood (Lady Candy), Twiggy (Herself), Lady Victoria Hervey (Herself), Michael Greco (Himself), Stephen Gately (Himself), Richard Madeley (Himself), Judy Finnigan (Herself) Viewers: 8.28 million

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