Series 06, Episode 03
Uktv absolutely fabulous olympics special 15
Air Date 23 July 2012 (UK)
Previous "Sport Relief Special"
Next Absolutely Fabulous (feature film)

Olympics was the third of three episode produced for Absolutely Fabulous' 20th anniversary, and the final episode of the show ever broadcast. Although, a feature film version would follow 4 years later. The episode aired 23 July 2012 and coincided with the London 2012 Olympic Games, which the story is heavily featured around.

Summary Edit

Returning from Africa, where she spends half the year with her husband and daughter Lola, Saffy finds that Edina has decided to rent the house to film star Michael Douglas for the Olympic Games but has forgotten when they start. Eddy and Patsy - who now needs incontinence pants - doll themselves up for their guest but instead find themselves hosting Marshall, to whom Michael gave his tickets when they met at a sex addiction group, and Bo. However when Marshall drops his tickets for the pre-Olympic party they use them to gate-crash,their gaucherie inevitably getting them thrown out,though they do get to use the stadium. Back home they settle down to watch the games on television with Bubble, Saffy and Mother - who knows something the rest of them do not. With age catching up with Eddy she feels the doors are closing on her, Eddy is annoyed to discover that Stella McCartney's shop is closed to her.

Guest starsEdit

  • Mo Gaffney - Bo
  • Christopher Ryan - Marshall
  • Stella McCartney - herself
  • Kelly Holmes - herself
  • Tanni Grey-Thompson - herself
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