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New Best Friend
Series 02, Episode 04
Air Date 24 February 1994
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New Best Friend is the fourth episode of the second series which was first broadcast on 24 February 1994.


Eddy is in a hurry to get the house ready for the minimalist tastes of her friend Bettina and husband Max. As a result, Saffron temporarily moves into her university's halls of residence and Patsy is pretty much ignored. When Bettina and Max arrive, however, they are no longer into minimalism and turn out to be the angry, frantic parents of a newborn baby.

Patsy reaches her limit with Edina's plans and storms out. Edina tries to be patient with her houseguests, but they cause so much havoc in the house that she leaves for a while. At Joe's Cafe, Edina and Patsy try to go one up from each other: Patsy gatecrashes a lunch with Zandra Rhodes and Britt Ekland, claiming that they all knew each other years ago, and Edina forces her client Lulu to have lunch with her.

Both lunches end awkwardly. Back home, Saffron returns to find Edina plotting to get rid of Bettina and Max. As Saffron and Gran comfort Bettina, Edina and Max have a quick fling which can be heard via the baby transmitter in the kitchen! Bettina and Max leave, and it turns out that that was the intended result of Edina's fling. She and Patsy make up after.


Also appearing:

  • Patrick Barlow (Max)
  • Jo Brand (Carmen)
  • Britt Ekland (Herself)
  • Lulu (Herself)
  • Zandra Rhodes (Herself),
  • Miranda Richardson (Bettina)
  • Meera Syal (Suzy)