Mrs. June Monsoon
Name Mrs. June Monsoon
Gender Female
Actor June Whitfield
Time on show 1992-2012
Seasons 7
Children Edina Monsoon
Relatives Saffron Monsoon - grandaughter
Nickname Mrs. M, Gran

Edina's mother, referred to as 'Mrs M' by Patsy and 'Gran' by Saffron, is a good-natured old woman. She is despised by her daughter Edina but much loved by her granddaughter. She has an ambiguous relationship with Edina and seems to regard her with indifference, giving all her motherly devotion to Saffy. In the earlier series, she is a valuable ally for Saffy in her struggle for domestic control, often mentioning embarrassing facts from Eddy's and Patsy's childhood.

Edina addresses her, usually indirectly, as "Old Woman", and only very rarely as "Mother". Edina's insults never seem to affect her; in fact, she usually manages to retaliate with a few hard-hitting but humorous insults of her own. Sometimes she recognises the eccentricities of Edina, Patsy, and visitors to the house. At times she even seems to see the dysfunctional qualities in Saffy.

In the first episode, she is apparently not in regular interaction with the other characters, appearing only in Edina's flashback to her teenage years. By the second episode, "Fat", she visits Edina's home to see Saffy. By the third episode, "France", when she meets Patsy there, it seems the two have not seen each other in many years ("Still blonde then?", remarks Mother); here Patsy seems to resent her and apparently the feeling is mutual. After this it is apparent that like Patsy, Mother is a regular visitor to Edina's home, and that Patsy and Mother seem basically to like one another, despite the odd snide comment.

Later episodes reveal that Mother had been a sort of surrogate mother to Patsy, whose own mother neglected her; however, their relationship is ambiguous. Patsy shows her some respect, even helping her at times. Mother sometimes makes condescending remarks about Patsy, even in her presence, once telling Edina that "poor dear sad old Patsy" is not a suitable or reliable friend. Mother has occasionally confused a drag queen for Patsy.

When Mother's husband dies in the episode "Death", Edina infuriates Saffy by responding to the news with a blank stare and the question "Did he leave a will?" Mother doesn't seem to care much either, realising that she'll have a bit more room at her house. Oddly, in this episode, Mother states that she was married for "nearly forty years". It was established in series 1, episode 5, that Eddy turned 40, the implication thus being that Eddy was born before her parents were married.

Mother displays a kleptomaniacal streak at times, taking random items from Edina's household (mugs, ashtrays, clothing) and donating them to the charity shop she volunteers at. In series 4, episode 5, "Small Opening", she is seen to be stealing larger pieces of furniture and asks for Patsy's help to remove a wardrobe that has become "stuck on the stairs" that she is donating to Sheltered Housing.

In only one scene throughout the entire run of the show are she and Edina alone together, and it's an awkward experience for both of them. After series 3, her mental faculties begin to decline and she increasingly inhabits a strange world of her own.

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