Series 02, Episode 09
Absolutely fabulous morocco
Air Date 10 February 1994
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Morocco is the third episode of Absolutely Fabulous's second series.

Summary Edit

Edina, Patsy, and Saffron head to Marrakech: Edina and Patsy are collaborating on a photo shoot for PopSpecs and are also looking forward to Moroccan shopping; while Saffron hopes to study the indigenous peoples for school. Upon their arrival, Patsy and Eddy go directly to a luxurious villa. There, they meet up with an old friend named Humphrey who introduces himself to Saffron by sexually assaulting and harassing her. At dinner, it is revealed that Patsy spent a year living as a man until "it fell off," as Edina puts it.

The following day, during a shopping trip to a bazaar, Patsy sells Saffron into slavery for 2000 dirham. Then Edina and Patsy go into the country for the photo shoot but end up stranded in the mountains. After wandering around for a day or two, hopelessly lost, they stumble on Saffron wearing a burqa and are rescued. They spend the last days of their vacation drugged and unconscious while Saffron has adventures on her own – including a honey-and-yoghurt experience that she wants to keep secret from her mother.

Guest Stars Edit

  • Patrick Barlow - Max
  • Jo Brand - Carmen
  • Britt Ekland - Herself
  • Lulu - Herself
  • Zandra Rhodes - Herself
  • Miranda Richardson - Bettina
  • Meera Syal - Suzy
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