Series 04, Episode 06
Air Date 5 October 2001
Previous Small Opening
Next Christmas Special: Gay

Menopause is the sixth episode of the fourth series which was first broadcast on 5 October 2001.

Summary Edit

Edina's career is over. Bubble accidentally forwarded all the private information of Edina's upcoming gigs to everyone in her address book including arch-rival Claudia Bing, who has taken a substantial amount of her jobs, including getting work for Twiggy.

Meanwhile, Patsy breaks her arm just above her wrist. Saffron reluctantly takes her to her doctor, and comes back with shocking news: Patsy has both osteoporosis and the lowest bone density on record. Saffron concludes that it's symptomatic of menopause, the very mention of it sends Edina and Patsy into a state of panic.

Saffron organises a meeting of a local menopause support group in the living room and Edina provides bin liners to prevent the guests from accidentally urinating on the furniture. Later, Saffron bakes a pie and has a nightmare where Patsy is a happy homemaker, which annoys Saffron. Patsy drops the bombshell that she plans to have a baby! She bought Mick Jagger's sperm at an auction and plans to implant it inside herself unless Saffron allows Patsy to use the spare room.

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