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Marshall Turtle
Name Marshall Turtle
Gender Male
Actor Christopher Ryan
Time on show 11 episodes - 1992-2012
Seasons 6
Spouses Bo, Edina Monsoon - divorced
Children Serge Turtle
Occupation ex producer
Family Edina's ex from her first marrage.

Marshall Turtle is Edina's ex-husband (first marrage) and father to Serge. Marshall failed as a movie producer and attempts to make money by engaging in money making schemes with his wife Bo. While seemingly dominated by his wife, Marshall protrays himself as more masculine person when around a grief therapist named Sondra. Ironically Sondra is unable to handle the concept of death. Although Marshall is generally kind to Saffy, perhaps pitying her for having to live with Edina, he does comply with Bo's attempt to steal her baby to be sold through their own private adoption agency to Hollywood actors wishing to adopt.