Katy Grin
Katy Grin
Name Katy Grin
Gender Female
Actor Jane Horrocks
Relatives Bubble - cousin

Katy Grin is s a slick but aggressive and arrogant television presenter who speaks with standard Received Pronunciation. Katy Grin dislikes the other characters and is consistantly sarcastic. She has an unnamed baby son born through artificial insemination from an anonymous father. She is the cousin of Bubble and is played by the same actress Jane Horrocks. The role derived from Horrocks reluctance of reprising the role of Bubble as the show progressed and ultimately turning down the chance to appear as Bubble in the 1996 special 'Last Shout'. Horrocks returned to the show in Season Four after Jennifer Saunders created the role of Katy Grin. 

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