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Series 03, Episode 04
Air Date 27 April 1995
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Jealous is the 4th episode of the third series which was first broadcast on 27 April 1995.


Edina is hell-bent on winning a PR award to the point that she hires Will Self to write her acceptance speech and clashes with arch-rival Claudia Bing for the best position in proximity to the stage.

It goes pear shaped; despite Edina bribing the judges Claudia wins, and Edina and Patsy head home in anger. Saffron and Gerard, one of her professors, fall in love and start to flirt in the kitchen. Edina decides she wants to come up with a campaign that will out-do Claudia's. Saffron finds out that Gerard is married with children. Edina hears about this and, in a rare defence of her daughter's honour, punches him in the face.

At a PR meeting, Edina's speech is stolen, so she launches into her own diatribe that proves to be quite successful. Edina and Patsy go to a dump to find the speech, but end up on a trash barge headed for Ostend.

Also appearing: Joanna Bowen (Journalist), Naomi Campbell (Herself), Celia Imrie (Claudia Bing), Paul Reynolds (Squeak), Peter Richardson (Tony), Simon Stokes (Gerard)