Jackie Stone
Jackie and Patsy Stone
Name Jackie Stone
Gender Female
Actor Kate O'Mara
Seasons Season 3 - Happy New Year
Episode 5 -
Relatives Patsy Stone

Jackie Stone (1920s-2003) is Patsy's high-flying 'younger' sister whom she is both in awe of and afraid of.

Jackie makes her first appearance in the season three episode 'Happy New Year' in which she finds Patsy and manipulates her into stealing from Eddie to fund her latest scheme - a hostel for homeless cats.

She and Patsy share a very volatile relationship as Jackie bullies Patsy into getting what she wants - in reality, Jackie is extremely jealous of Patsy's beauty and success.

She returns in the 2003 Christmas special to make an ailing Patsy (unknown to Patsy, Jackie has caused her ill health via a voodoo doll) sign over all her assets before murdering her with a heroin overdose. Patsy, however, turns the tables and kills Jackie with the heroin overdose meant to murder her.

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