Iso Tank
Series 01, Episode 04
Iso Tank
Air Date 3 December 1992
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Iso Tank is the fourth episode of Absolutely Fabulous's first series which was first broadcast on 3 December 1992.

Summary Edit

In the upstairs bathroom, Patsy helps Eddy break in her new isolation tank while Saffy, in the kitchen below, works on a presentation about DNA with several classmates, preparing for her Sixth Form College's Open Day. When Patsy and Eddy come downstairs, they hang around talking loudly for so long that Saffy asks her mother why she isn't at work.

Eddy explains that her dimwitted secretary, Bubble, has emerged from an occupational hypnotism program mysteriously transformed into a demon of efficiency who works with such dedication that there's nothing to do at the office anymore. When Eddy eventually does go to work, she's proved correct: Bubble strides purposefully about wearing a power suit while Eddy is reduced to paging through a magazine.

At home, feeling rejected and useless, Eddy takes a sudden interest in Saffy's DNA presentation and begs to be invited to the Open Day; Saffy, however, refuses point-blank. Eddy throws a tantrum, but it has no effect; she then threatens to adopt a Romanian baby. When Saffy calls her bluff, saying "Go on then!", Eddy phones Bubble and instructs her to send over a selection of Romanian babies so she can pick one out.

She then leaves the room and frantically tries to cancel the deal, but it's already too late. Later, Saffy relents and tells Eddy she can come to the Open Day after all. The next day, during the presentation, a woman interrupts and asks for a Mrs. Edina Monsoon. Eddy walks out and returns holding a baby; then more and more babies are brought in until their wails drown everything out. Saffy screams furiously for her mother to leave. Eddy then wakes up in a panic, still in her iso tank, and realises it's all been a dream.

Guest StarsEdit

  • Tricia Aileen - School Secretary
  • Sidney Cole - Teacher
  • Lisa Coleman - Joanna
  • Annabel Hampson - Headmistress
  • Melanie Jessop - Secretary
  • James Lance - Daniel
  • Paul Mark Elliott - Teacher
  • Adrian Ross-Magenty - James
  • Tim Woodward - Tony
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