Happy New Year
Series 03, Episode 02
Air Date 6 April 1995
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Happy New Year is the 2nd episode of the third series which was first broadcast on 6 April 1995.

Summary Edit

Eddy and Patsy plan a fabulous New Years Eve party, but their plans are ruined when Patsy's long-lost sister Jackie pays a call while they are preparing to go out. Jackie is an older, crueller version of Patsy, and soon everyone dislikes her except Patsy, who is starstruck by her wickedness.

Patsy insists on taking her sister to the party; Jackie, however, seems reluctant to leave the house, and she asks for food and claims to be too tired to go out. Worse is to come: Jackie then confides that she is homeless and wants to stay with Eddy for a few months until she can raise money for a shelter for unwanted cats and dogs. Patsy, appalled, helps Jackie loot Edina's bedroom to raise the necessary funds but then decides to throw her out the house.

She then goes to collect Edina and head for the party, but it's too late. For the first time in her adult life, Eddy faces the supreme humiliation of seeing in the New Year surrounded by her family in the sitting room.

Also appearing: Gary Beadle (Oliver), Rebecca Front (Cherysh), Kate O'Mara (Jackie)

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