Name Fleur
Gender Female
Actor Harriet Thorpe
Time on show 13 episodes 1992-2012
Seasons 7
Occupation Worked for Magda, later Edina's PA

Fleur was first seen in Season One with her friends and coworkers Magda and Catriona. While Fleur's or Catriona's positions were never specified, Magda was the editor of a magazine so it was assumed that Fleur was possibly an editor as well. Fleur was obsessed with makeup and appeared to be a bit dim. All three reappear at the beginning of series two, in the first episode "Hospital", when they gather around Patsy's hospital bed, prior to her plastic surgery. When Patsy visits the magazine's office again in episode 4, "New Best Friend", Fleur and Catriona are present, discussing expensive beauty treatments. After the magazine closes in Season 3 after her friends are offered other jobs, Fleur states that she intends to fall back on her Revlon connections to find work. By series 4, it seems that Fleur and Catriona have become friends with Edina and Katy Grin. In episode four, "Donkey", they are part of a regular dining group with Edina, Patsy, and Katy, and by the final episode of series 4, "Menopause", both are working for Edina in her TV production company.

Fleur can't pronounce her 'R's.

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