Series 03, Episode 05
Air Date 4 May 1995
Previous Jealous
Next The End

Fear is the 5th episode of the third series which was first broadcast on 4 May 1995.

Summary Edit

Saffron has moved out of the house and into university housing, leaving a despondent Edina home alone. Meanwhile, Patsy learns that Ella magazine has folded, and Magda suggests that she goes with her to work in New York. Edina and Patsy commiserate drunkenly with each other on the sudden changes in their lives.

Saffron returns and is appalled at their behaviour. Edina announces that she plans to sell the house and "find herself", which irritates Saffron. Edina's plans also mean that she's cutting off Patsy, which prompts her to take the job in New York, thereby putting their relationship on hiatus.

Also appearing: John Hudson (Lecturer), Caroline Waldron (Caroline), Lulu (Herself)

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