Series 01, Episode 02
Air Date 19 November 1992
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Fat is the second episode of Absolutely Fabulous's first series which was first broadcast on 19 November 1992.

Summary Edit

After realizing that the majority of her clothes no longer fit her, Eddy decides that she needs to lose weight. Ignoring Saffy's advice about eating right and taking exercise, she phones her private doctor in an attempt to get some weight-loss pills.

Unsuccessful, Patsy enters and suggests that plastic surgery is the best way to proceed. At the office, Bubble tells Eddy that Penny Caspar-Morse is coming to visit, an old acquaintance who used to be known as "The Stick" and who mocked Eddy for her weight. Eddy tries to exercise, but with Penny coming to town soon, she allows Patsy to schedule an appointment for some liposuction, as of shrinking Edina and making her lips more and more bigger.

After a disturbing nightmare about the procedure going awry, Eddy nixes the idea and just decides to cover up as much of herself as she can with a large, long sweatshirt. Patsy enters and tells Eddy some good news: Penny is temporarily blind and won't know how much Eddy weighs. Later, emboldened and drunk, Eddy brags how successful and thin she has become, and inadvertently grabs Penny's hands and places them on her waist, destroying the ruse.

Guest starsEdit

  • Anthony Asbury - Georgy
  • Alexandra Bastedo - Penny Caspar-Morse
  • Russell Kilmister - Surgeon
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