Series 01, Episode 01
Air Date 12 November 1992
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Fashion was the first episode of the first series of Absolutely Fabulous. The episode was broadcast on 12 November 1992.

Synopsis Edit

Eddy Monsoon, wakes up with a hangover and to a guilt trip from her daughter, Saffron, whom Eddy had promised she would stop drinking. Saffron offers her mother no sympathy, despite it jjj the day of her big fashion show.

Edina’s best friend, Patsy Stone, arrives to accompany her to work, after lunch and a trip to Harvey Nichols. By the time they arrive, the guest list is looking pretty bleak: instead of Princess Diana, Princess Anne is coming.

Edina rallies to cajole and swindle several celebrities into attendance, turning the show into a rousing success. Following the reception, Patsy and Eddy stop by her office and they drunkenly flashback to the 70’s. When they arrive back at Eddy’s house, Saffy slams the door in her face. The next morning Patsy and Eddy work together to trick Saffy into thinking Eddy is going to check into the Betty Ford Clinic.

Guest StarsEdit

  • Nickolas Grace (Jonny)
  • Lucy Blair (Lou-Lou)
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