Emma Bunton - as herself
Name Emma Bunton - as herself
Gender Female
Actor Emma Bunton


Emma Bunton is one of Edina's clients. Although Absolutely Fabulous is a fictional comedy sitcom, Emma Bunton is a real person and not a character. But anyway, we should also know her for everything else that she has done, like her ex - singing career, not just because she is on Abfab!!

Emma Bunton was "Baby Spice" in Spice Girls (a girl band in the 1990s). Since then she has released several solo albums, hosted for a number of TV shows and worked as a radio presenter on the Heart Breakfast show.


  • Saffy's coming back today!
  • If you think I'm gonna take that kinda shit...
  • She said stop it!
  • You stupid bitches.
  • That's it. I have enough
  • (pretending not be scarred as she writes a cheque) This is a cheque for comic relief. I've never been so embarrassed in my life!


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