Door Handle
Series 03, Episode 01
Air Date 30 March 1995
Previous Birth
Next Happy New Year

Door Handle is the first episode of the third series which was first broadcast on 30 March 1995.

Summary Edit

Eddy has been given a trendy electronic organiser and has used it to plan her entire day in excruciating detail. However, despite a number of hints, she fails to remember her daughter's birthday. Also, Saffy is getting impatient because Edina hasn't attempted to remodel the kitchen, which was destroyed by fire some time ago.

In fact, she has not even chosen a design. Later that day, she remembers a doorhandle she quite liked – in New York City. She and Patsy fly out to New York and enjoy a grand day out; Eddy finds and photographs the doorhandle and has her navel pierced. When they get home late at night, they fail to notice for some time that Saffy has remodelled the kitchen in their absence. When Saffron confronts her mother about forgetting her birthday, Edina explains that she "gave (Saffron) her birthday."

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