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Series 04, Episode 04
Air Date 21 September 2001
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Donkey is the fourth episode of the fourth series which was first broadcast on 21 September 2001.


Edina becomes inspired by "Sex and the City" but she is prompted to battle the bulge when she realises she is not the Sarah Jessica Parker of the group, but rather the "donkey." Edina decides to lose weight and enrolls in a boot camp-style exercise course.

Saffy disapproves of her methods but also tries to spur her on. Edina later has a dream about God and the Devil arguing about her. Later, an argument with Saffy reveals that the exercise and diet is working. A happier, healthier Edina meets up with her friends again, but is shocked to learn from Katy that despite her weight loss, she's "still too fat" to be the Sarah Jessica Parker of the group. Throughout the story Edina records her confessions on video.

Also appearing: Tilly Blackwood (Lady Candy), Andrea Gillie (Patsy's PA), Jessica Wilcocks (Minge), Julian Rhind-Tutt (Taylor Johns), Marianne Faithfull (God), Anita Pallenberg (The Devil)