Name Catriona
Gender Female
Actor Helen Lederer
Time on show 14 episodes 1992-2012
Seasons 7
Occupation Works for Magda at a magazine, exact job never specified.

Catriona is an employee of a magazine studio where Patsy Stone and Magda work. It is never actually specified what her position is however. She appears with Fleur and Magda initially in Episode Six of Season One as colleges of Patsy's. Catriona tries to get her friends featured in the magazine at every opportunity. Later in Season 3 after the magazine has closed, Magda is appointed as the new editor of HQ Magazine and takes Patsy with her. Edina Monsoon offeres Catriona a position as her PA after having fired Bubble. Catriona often appears to be oblivious of any conversations taking place around her, and indeed when the magazine they all work for closes, it isn't until much later, back at Edina's house, that she grasps the news. In the final episode of Season 4, Catriona is seen working for Edina in her TV production company. In Season 5 Episode 6, Catriona appears to be working at a place called 'Jeremy's'. 

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