Bo Turtle
Name Bo Turtle
Gender Female
Actor Mo Gaffney
Time on show 11 episodes 1992-2012
Seasons 7
Spouses Marshall Turtle
Occupation Dental nurse, Scam Artist

In the first season, Bo was shown as one of Marshall's girlfriend, but was his wife throughout the rest of the series. She is loud and obnoxious but portrays caring tendencies. She easily dominates her husband and is seen telling him how or what to think. She convinces Marshall to help steal Saffy's baby but only manages to get away with the placenta. Both Bo and Marshall experiment with different religious groups throughout the show, including Christianity, Judaism, and Scientology. Two of the series highlights for Bo involved her appearing on television; one was an infomercial for Staylene - "the non fat fat-eating product for the faith community"; and the other, in the special "White Box", saw Bo and Marshall running an evangelistic Christian channel, scamming viewers out of money. Bo tends to use drug and alcohol to cope with hardship.

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