Series 01, Episode 05
Air Date 10 December 1992
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Birthday is the fifth episode of Absolutely Fabulous's first series which was first broadcast on 10 December 1992.

Summary Edit

It is Edina's 40th birthday. She isn't too pleased about it, either, and the surprise party Saffy has planned for her only makes her bad mood worse. Instead of a glamorous affair with fabulous guests and Japanese finger food, as she had hoped, her 40th birthday party turns out to be a family lunch, cooked by Saffy and served in the kitchen.

The guest lists consists of: Eddy's two ex-husbands, Justin and Marshall; their new lovers, Bo and Oliver; Gran; Saffy; and Patsy. The birthday girl behaves very badly indeed, oscillating all day between self-pity and spite, and soon she provokes Oliver, her least favourite guest, into making an angry exit. Justin, Marshall, and Bo stoically remain, however, and while Eddy is upstairs getting stoned with Patsy they compare notes about their alimony payments and realise they've both been paying for Eddy's Holland Park house. At the end, Eddy and Patsy sing and slur to "This wheel's on fire", which is also abfab's theme song!! Lucky they're bad singing voices didn't break out TV screens!!!

Guest StarsEdit

  • Christopher Ryan - Marshall
  • Christopher Malcolm - Justin
  • Gary Beadle - Oliver
  • Mo Gaffney - Bo
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