Series 02, Episode 06
Air Date 10 March 1994
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Birth is the sixth and last episode of the second series which was first broadcast on 10 March 1994.

Summary Edit

Patsy causes a fire in the kitchen by falling asleep with a lit cigarette. The following day, Edina considers a new look for the kitchen as well as her bedroom. The center of life in the Monsoon house soon shifts to the living room, where Saffron is planning on having a friend over for a study session on the beginnings of life, though it is later clear that she has far more erotic plans.

Edina and Patsy, who are supposed to go out later, want to hang around for the meeting, but everything changes when Gran accidentally locks all three inside the room. As they are shut inside, they exchange stories about their own births: Saffron was supposedly born on a carpet of roses, Edina's birth was all about sterilisation, and an abandoned Patsy entered the world via her mother's Bohemian lair in Paris. Gran unlocks the door, and Edina and Patsy leave. The episode ends with a flashback to Edina planning on giving Saffron up for adoption.

Also appearing: Suzy Aitchison (Nurse), Eleanor Bron (Patsy's Mother), Wolf Christian (Fireman), Philip Franks (Writer), Jane Galloway (Nurse), Mary Mackenzie (Dancer), Mia Soteriou (Guitar Player)

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