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The movie is here, sweetie!


Grab your Bolli-Stoli. Throw a disapproving glance towards M&S on your way to your 50% discount at Harvey Nicks. Put an expensive ciggy in your mouth. After years of waiting, the Absolutely Fabulous movie is finally happening!

Will Saffy finally be united with the father of her baby? Will Edina start using her granddaughter's true name? Will Patsy have yet more elective organ surgery? Does Edina's mum or secretary have better internet skills? We here at the AbFab wikia have no idea.

But we want to greet this new movie with all the champers we can find! And we want you to join us!

So watch the old episodes and write about them here. And in the meantime take a look at the Spring 2015 video where Jennifer Saunders announces the coming of more things Fabulous!

I am hopeless with names, faces and people.

So many important people, so little time. If Bubble can't remember Edina's client list, why should you? Take the easy way out use the following pictures as your guide to the world of the Monsoons. But make sure you bring a drink, sweetie, because you might get lost without it.


One snap of my fingers and I can raise hemlines so high that the world is your gynaecologist.

While you may never have the awesome power Edina wielded as a Fashion Director at a magazine, you certainly can spread your influence by writing a blog post. Here's a couple of the very latest blogs here at the AbFab wikia, written by people just like you:

Skot73 Skot73 9 October 2020

Patsy Stone Halloween Mask

Many years ago, I bought the original Hookie Mookie worn by Patsy/Joanna that Saffy ruins when her water breaks, from Ebay for a charity auction.  I've always wanted to display it and recently bought a mannequin to do so.  I was doing an iternet search for a "Patsy Stone wig" and I came across a Pa…

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Cooksey.michael Cooksey.michael 20 July 2016

What is AbFab? Everything you need to know -- and more!


A new blog about the AbFab film is here on Fandom. Enjoy!


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A few hormones talking there, haven't we, sweetie?

AbFab is one of the most quotable shows of all time. At least in the English language. That's why we didn't bother to write the headlines on this page. We just straight-up jacked them from the pen of Jennifer Saunders. Obviously, though, we needed more verbal verve. That's why every week there'll be a different, more expansive quote from the series, right here.

Eddy (describing a dream): I was taken up, up to heaven and I spoke with God!
Saffron: What about?
Eddy: Oh shopping mainly...

Let the music lift you up, darling.

Would there be a point to all the alcohol, drugs and cigarettes if there were no music? Patsy and Edina would probably not think so. And that's why the show has attracted pop sensations like Lulu and Emma Bunton, and featured the music of the Pet Shop Boys and the Eurythmics. And it's also why we've prepared this special playlist of music that Eddie and Patsy would likely approve.

What's the point of it, if it's just going to make a bloody racket all the time?

Everyone loves a good Tweet. Except maybe Edina and Patsy. Provided they even understand what Twitter is, of course. But since you obviously do, here are they very latest Tweets about #AbFab, served up fresher that a newly-corked bottle of Vueve Clicquot.