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• 11/28/2017

AbFab: Where is that English country house?

Hi, AbFab fans, right at the end of one of the episodes (I don't know which episode), Edina is sitting on the grass outside an English country house. You can briefly see the red-brick wing of the house behind her. The scene lasts only a few seconds. The episode had to do with yoga, spiritualism .... Does anyone know which country house it is? It's a real house, not a film prop. I've searched the Internet but can't find the house. I'd like to visit it the next time I'm in England (if it's open to the public). Thanks for any help you can give. Over and out, Rosemary.
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• 12/27/2018

I’m pretty sure you are thinking of the episode The End. Where Patsy’s magazine folds, and she moves to New York. Eddy goes off to meditate for the rest of her life (until 5 minutes later and she’s bored stiff). I don’t have your answer, but you might be able to track down production information for the episode or perhaps even try writing directly to Jennifer Saunders. Can’t hurt right? Good luck.

• 12/27/2018

Thanks, Gregglesmi. I already looked up the production info on the Internet but couldn't find mention of that filming location. I'm not on Facebook so can't contact Jennifer Saunders ...

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